3 Arena Bar Neon & Kaleidoscope

Two venues created within the 3 Arena

This was a project won in competition by a team compiled by eml. From appointment in July the team including Sonica Fit-out and Bompas & Parr developed a design to lead 3’s music brand and delivered it over a four-week period finishing in time for Lady Gaga in October. The two venues were created within the 3 Arena. The Kaleidoscope Bar is devoted to 3’s corporate customers and invited guests while Neon caters for all 3 customers.  

The design build contract covered all elements including lighting, joinery, bars, seating, loose furniture as well as custom-made projection and uniform design commissions.   

Both bars take a que from the idea of the city as an exciting place to meet and mingle. In Neon you are backstage with a miniature piece of Time Square floating above you. Visiting Kaleidoscope feels like flying into a metropolis at night through a subtlety changing light scape. The project won a fit-out award in 2015. 


Sonica Fit-Out/


Dublin City 

Project Area:



Sonica Fit-Out